Sensory Oasis - Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Sensory Oasis - Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Save Your Spoons - Escape the Shopping Centre Madness: Christmas Gifts You Can Shop in Your PJs

Ah, Christmas…That magical time of year when the air is filled with the scent of mince pies, the jingle of bells, and the silent screams of neurodivergent folks navigating the minefield of well-meaning but often misguided gift-giving.

And let’s not forget the hell of shopping centres this time of year!

Fear not, our fellow introverted, sensory-sensitive kin. Sensory Oasis is swooping in like the holiday superhero you didn't know you needed with online shopping to save your spoons!

We're here to ✨sprinkle✨ some much-needed sanity (and sass) over your seasonal shopping with our hand-picked gift guide.

Say goodbye to the awkward smiles for receiving the tenth itchy sweater and hello to gifts that truly 'get' you. Be the ally your neurodivergent loved one needs!

Buckle up and let’s dive into Sensory Oasis’s gift guide which will save your hide.

Calm AF (As Fruit.... mince pies – what were you thinking?)

Weighted Blanket: Get hugged by a blanket, not by Aunt Marge’s over-enthusiastic arms.

Essential Oil Rollers: Because sometimes, the only thing you want invading your nostrils is a scent you chose.

Journals: Dive into serenity - our Mindfulness Journals are your personal sanctuary for tranquillity in a page-turning journey.

Calm Strips: Stick a dose of calm right at your fingertips with Calm Strips - your go-to stress relief in a strip

Mindful Breathing Necklace: Breathe in peace, exhale stress - our Mindful Breathing Necklaces are not just jewellery, but your portable zen zone.

Calm Keepsake Pin: Clip on calmness with this Calm Keepsake Pin - a subtle, stylish reminder to stay serene in the storm.

You're a Beauty, Baby!

Demeter Fragrances: Spritz a scent of pure nostalgia with Demeter Fragrances - a fragrance library that bottles your fondest memories.

Earjobs Contoured Sleep Mask: Dawn your mask for dusk: the Earjobs Sleep Mask is your plush passport to uninterrupted dreamland adventures

Crazy Rumors Lip Balms: Pucker up for a party! Crazy Rumors Lip Balms turn every smile into a flavourful fiesta of hydration and fun!

Bath Pearls: Dive into a tub of luxury with these Bath Pearls - your personal potion for turning bath time into a spa-like indulgence

Wooden Hand Massage Roller: Roll away the day's stress with this Wooden Hand Massage Roller - it's like a personal masseuse in the palm of your hand.

For Food's Sake!

Bath Bombs - Gin & Tonic: Fizz up your bath with a Gin & Tonic Bath Bomb - the perfect blend of relaxation and happy hour, minus the hangover!

Demeter PB&J Fragrance: Whiff up some nostalgia with Demeter's PB&J Fragrance - a spritz of this and you're back in the schoolyard, sandwich in hand.

Healing Herbs Cards: Grow your wellness wisdom with Healing Herbs Cards - it's like having a botanical guide in your pocket for natural health hacks.

Liquorice Allsorts Weighted Lap Blanket: Snuggle into comfort with the Liquorice Allsorts Weighted Lap Blanket - a cozy, candy-themed hug that soothes your soul.

Smoosho’s Steamed Bun: Squeeze your way to stress relief with Smoosho’s Steamed Bun - it's like a doughy delight in your hands, minus the calories.

Crazy Aaron’s Scentsory Putty - Tropical Punch: Engage your senses in a playful escape - Crazy Aaron’s Tropical Punch Putty is like a fragrant, squishy fruit cocktail for your hands

I am Style, Sweetie…✨

Sensory-Friendly Jewellery: Bling to stim! Accessorize with purpose - this Sensory-Friendly Jewellery isn't just chic, it's a discreet, stylish way to stim and stay calm.

Jubly Umph Badges: Pin your passions on your sleeve with Jubly Umph Badges - a pop of personality for every mood and moment!

Tote Bag - Embrace Neurodiversity: Carry your essentials with a message in the Embrace Neurodiversity Tote Bag - a stylish statement of support and inclusivity!

Cuff Bangle - Different, Not Less: Wear empowerment on your wrist with the 'Different, Not Less' Cuff Bangle - a sleek accessory that celebrates uniqueness.

Own Less & Live More Minimalist Cards: Simplify your life, one card at a time, with these Minimalist Cards - the ultimate guide to decluttering your mind and space.

Mont Marte Metallic Body Pens: Shine in your own skin art with Mont Marte Metallic Body Pens - where your body becomes a canvas for shimmering, temporary masterpieces.

What The Heck Do I Get?! KK Gifts

Tiger Eye Oloid: Harness the power of focus and balance with the Tiger Eye Oloid - a mesmerising stone that's not just a desk toy, but a piece of ancient wisdom

Conversation Cards - Tell Me More: Spark unforgettable conversations with 'Tell Me More' Cards - your go-to for turning small talk into deep, meaningful connections.

Anti Rage Car Diffuser: Drive away anger with the Anti Rage Car Diffuser - it's like having a zen master in your passenger seat, keeping road rage at bay.

Some Happy Shit Essential Oil Roller: Roll on some joy with the 'Some Happy Shit' Essential Oil Roller - a little swipe for a big smile, it's happiness in a bottle.

Positive Energy Crystal Candle: Illuminate your space with positivity - the Positive Energy Crystal Candle is more than a light, it's a beacon of good vibes and serenity.

Fidget Pen: Write, click, roll, spin - the Fidget Pen is not just for jotting down thoughts, it's a stealthy stress-buster for your fidgety needs!

Stress Turd: Squeeze the crap out of stress with the Stress Turd - a hilariously effective way to flush away tension.

Teen Gen Z & Alpha’s✌

Speks Crags Magnetic Putty: Mould, stretch, and attract fun with Speks Crags Magnetic Putty - it's the playful magnetism of creativity at your fingertips!

Magnetic Triangle Slider Fidget: Slide, spin, and satisfy your fidgeting with the Magnetic Triangle Slider - a sleek, geometric gadget for endless tactile amusement.

Metal Infinity Cube: Flip, fold, and fidget into infinity with the Metal Infinity Cube - a sleek, satisfying way to keep your hands happily busy.

Weighted Hand Roller: Roll in relaxation with the Weighted Hand Roller - a hefty helper that kneads away stress with every motion.

IQ Love: Challenge your heart and mind with the IQ Love Game - it's a playful test of wits and romance, wrapped in fun and strategy.

Tangle Brain Tools Imagine: Twist, turn, and unleash creativity with Tangle Brain Tools Imagine - it's not just a toy, it's a 3D puzzle for your fingers and mind.

Pearls of Wisdom Cards: Unearth wisdom one card at a time with Pearls of Wisdom Cards - each card is a treasure trove of inspiration and guidance.

Keyboard Key Fidget: Fidget with flair - the Keyboard Key Fidget turns every click into a satisfying sensation of relaxation.

Scrunchems Furry Squish: Squeeze the fluff with Scrunchems Furry Squish - it's a plushie paradise for your stress-busting needs.

Dinky Things Fidgets: Get your fidget fix with Dinky Things Fidgets - a pocket-sized playground for restless hands!

Introverts Unite!

Flare Ear Shade Pro Earplugs: Block out the noise and elevate your peace with Flare Ear Shade Pro Earplugs - your silent sanctuary in a loud world.

Weighted Tiger: Hug away stress with the Weighted Tiger - a cuddly companion that doubles as a comforting weighted buddy.

Just Chill - Calm Essential Oil Roller: Roll your way to tranquillity with the 'Just Chill' Calm Essential Oil Roller - a calming blend for those moments when you need to unwind

Self Love Keepsake Pin: Wear self-love with pride and style - the Self Love Keepsake Pin is a reminder that you're worth celebrating every day.

Little Joys Worry Stones: Pocket-sized positivity - Little Joys Worry Stones are your secret source of calm in the chaos.

A Month Of Affirmation Cards: Embrace positivity with A Month Of Affirmation Cards - a daily dose of encouragement to uplift your spirit and mindset.

Oh Shiny Fun! ✨

Smoosho’s Glow in the Dark Ball: Bounce into the night with Smoosho’s Glow in the Dark Ball - a luminescent playmate that adds a touch of magic to your evenings

Speks Oil Slick Supers: Make magic with Speks Oil Slick Supers - it's magnetic attraction and imagination in one mesmerising package.

Sequin Star Keychain: Twinkle everywhere you go with the Sequin Star Keychain - it's a shimmering accessory that adds a touch of glam to your keys.

Mont Marte Glitter Markers: Add a touch of sparkle to your art with Mont Marte Glitter Markers - it's like painting with stardust for a dazzling masterpiece.

Crunchy Putty Glitter: Squish, squeeze, and shimmer with Crunchy Putty Glitter - it's a sparkling sensation that turns stress relief into a dazzling experience.

Anxiety Spinner Ring: Let your fingers dance with the Anxiety Spinner Ring - it's a whirlwind of relaxation right at your fingertips. 

'Tis the season to save your spoons and escape the chaos of shopping centers. Christmas gifting just got a whole lot merrier with Sensory Oasis's hand-picked gift guide. We've brought you gifts that speak to your soul and soothe your senses, from weighted blankets that give cozy hugs to essential oil rollers that bring tranquility to your nostrils. Embrace the joy of online shopping in your PJs and say goodbye to awkward sweater smiles. Be the ally your neurodivergent loved ones deserve and give gifts that truly understand them. So, buckle up and let Sensory Oasis be your holiday superhero, guiding you to gifts that will save your hide. Happy holidays, fellow introverts and sensory-sensitive souls!✨

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