Welcome, to the darker side - Sensory Oasis!

We are the coolest online store where sensory fun meets practical support! 

We're all about providing awesome products, that support sensory needs, and resources for neurodivergent individuals and those with disabilities. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, we're a family-owned and operated business run by a bunch of fabulous folks who know what it's like to rock the neurodivergent life!

We started Sensory Oasis for Kids, and as our children have grown, and so have their needs. We know they are not alone, and as our amazing customers of Sensory Oasis for Kids have expressed, they need and would like to see more youth and adult products, to support them through their daily lives. 

Sure, we love a good fidget toy, but as we grow so do our experiences, support needs, and ways we manage the daily grind. We want to create and curate products that reflect that growth you experience and express.

Now, here's the super cool part: our team is made up of incredible individuals with lived experiences, just like you! We've been there, are living in, and got the fidget toy to prove it. 

So when you shop with us, you're not just getting awesome products, but also the knowledge and understanding that comes from people who've walked a similar path. We embrace a youthful and fun vibe that'll make you smile, and we are all about empowering you to be your authentic self while providing amazing products and exceptional customer service. 

We're not just about fun and games (although we believe in those wholeheartedly). 

We understand that daily life can be challenging, which is why we also offer practical products to make your day-to-day living easier. From handy daily living aids to mental health resources that lift your spirits - we’ve got you. Let's embrace our lives, make it a lot more fun, dopamine filled, discover a world of sensory wonders and practical supports that will make your life more vibrant and fulfilling.

Why settle for an overwhelming, noisy shopping experience when you can have a blast exploring our online wonderland! We've carefully curated a collection of the sensory support products that'll make your senses dance with joy. From fidget spinners that defy gravity to chewable jewellery that's as stylish as it is satisfying - we’ve got it all!

Think of us as your one-stop shop for everything sensory and supportive.

So, if you're a neurodivergent individual, living with a disability, a caring parent, or a corporate leader who’s ready to make a difference, come join us, over in the dark side and explore Sensory Oasis. 

Jody, Marty & The Boys x